Landscape Lenses

This shot is was taken from the same vantage point as the previous entry only on a different day. On this morning the sky wasn’t particularly interesting so I choose to avoid it entirely.  When I’m on a workshop folks will often ask: for this shot what lens should I bring? My standard answer is: “that really depends on the composition that you choose but I’ll be bringing all of mine.”  

Good landscape photography requires you to follow the light.  A beautiful scene with ugly light makes a wonderful travel snap shot.  It doesn’t make a for a successful landscape image.  In this example, the drama and the light was all happening at the tree level down in the valley. If I’d approached this as a “landscape shot” I would have left my 100-400mm lens at home I’d never have gotten this image. Being able to adapt to the conditions that you’re dealt will go a long way towards helping your grow in your craft.

Having a long lens in your landscape kit allows you to add another dimension to your shooting. Some of my favorite images are telephoto shots. The next time someone tells you that a 100-400 isn’t a “landscape lens” tell them that you know differently.


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