Breaking My Own Rules

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Photography, like any craft, has its collection of “rules.” In addition to the standard creative devices I have my own rules. I often joke about the fact that “I don’t take pictures of anything that moves.” While it’s true for 99.99% of my shooting, I do occasionally break my own rules. 

This shot was taken at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park. I had to be in San Diego for business and it was a way to spend some free time away from the hotel. I almost always travel with my camera just for that reason. There’s only so much TV that you can watch while sitting alone in a hotel room. My reward was an “Honorable Mention” at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center’s Animal House  show.

I made the image with my Canon 30D and a 70-200 f/4L lens. The exposure was 1/320th at f/4 and ISO 100. While I may have been breaking my “shoot nothing that moves” rule, my camera was still firmly planted on top of my Gitzo. I mean really;  there’s no reason to get “crazy.”


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