Spring Time in Yosemite

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Yosemite gives you many different looks, depending on the season. In the fall, the leaves are turning many of the waterfalls have stopped completely. The lack of water makes Fall the ideal time to shoot reflections as the rivers and streams slow to a trickle. 

Spring is the complete opposite. Spring time in Yosemite is all about water. The falls are booming and the rivers are swollen and raging. One of my favorite things about the Yosemite spring is the Dogwood.  Timing the bloom can be a bit tricky but the first week in May is usually a pretty safe bet. These delicate flowers all come out of their winter sleep nearly in unison and are all over the valley. Their delicate nature makes them especially pleasing to photograph. Every year I try to time a visit to the park to catch them at their peak. This year is no different. I’ll be heading to the park in a few days to lead a small informal group.

In addition to catching the Dogwood bloom we’ll be there to capture the lunar rainbow over Yosemite falls. I featured a picture of the even last year in a previous article. With a little luck, I should have plenty more pictures next week.