Down in the Weeds – Part 2


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In a previous article I mentioned that I’d started to play with some alternative shooting angles after hearing a talk by Rob Sheppard. Until now I’ve been using my [wikipop]Gitzo[/wikipop] 2540 which goes pretty low, but just not low enough.  While in a local camera shop I stumbled upon this little guy. It’s made by Manfrotto and goes under the model 345.  It consists of a set of 209 legs and a 482 micro ballhead. Once I got it home I dug out an old Really Right Stuff plate and screwed it on, using the supplied bushing. The head is fully removable so at some point I might replace it with a RRS BH-25 but for the time being it’ll do the trick.

Since I have neither a live view screen nor the limberness of my youth, an angled viewfinder is an absolute necessity but I have one already.  I’m looking forward to doing some playing with it and will be certain to chronicle the process here.


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