Stayed Tuned for Filter Calc – Now Available

App_Store_badge_200Announcing Filter Calc. Filter Calc is a simple application that I wrote for my iPhone. Neutral density filters are a fun way to do some really long exposures. The caveat is that once you get past 30 seconds, most cameras are unable to give you the correct exposure value.

Enter Filter Calc.

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The premise is pretty simple:

1. Meter the scene without the filter.
2. Enter the filter type and shutter speed into Filter Calc.

3. Read the corrected shutter speed.
4. Install the filter and take the shot using the corrected speed.

Filter Calc should be available in the [wikipop]iTunes [/wikipop] App store shortly and will be offered, initially, at no charge.

There is a ton of potential for photography applications and I’ve already mentioned that I’m a big fan of Focalware. It just goes to show you that there’s nothing wrong with being a geek.

The typo on the main page as already been fixed and will appear in the next update.