Blue Geranium

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I’m really having fun with the new fisheye lens. I’ve heard from lots of folks who insist that you need to keep the camera absolutely level to avoid the “fisheye effect” but I love the distorted perspective. Rather than try to avoid it, I’ve been working on exaggerating it.

This bunch of geraniums in Golden Gate park is one such example. In real life, this was just a nearly flat wall of flowers. The depth and perspective is a complete fabrication thanks to this lens. Since my camera has a full 35mm sized sensor, it’s able to take full advantage of the huge 180 degree field of view. Keeping yourself out of the picture is actually a bit of a problem.

The details on this one aren’t anything special. I shot this at f/3.5 with gave me an exposure of 1/640th of a second at ISO 100. The day was bright but overcast giving me some really nice diffused light.