And now for something completely different.

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When describing my style of photography I often use a phrase coined by, my friend, Gary Hart.  Simply put, “I don’t photograph anything that moves.” For the most part that’s correct.  I don’t generally photograph people, animals or sports but this weekend I’ll make an exception. The 3rd annual California Capital Airshow is in town Saturday and Sunday. We’ve gone every year and I have a ton of fun shooting the show. The first year I managed to fill every CF card that I’d brought along. During the Blue Angels performance I had to, hastily, keep deleting images from my cards to that I could keep shooting.

Shooting an event like this is a complete reversal from my standard style. When I’m out shooting landscapes or macro I don’t take a single shot that isn’t on a tripod. Every adjustment to the camera or its position is measured and precise.  Shooting the air show is a wild departure.  Everything is hand-held, and most of the time you’re just reacting as fast as you can to get something useable. I don’t take it too seriously but it’s fun to get out and “stretch” every now and then. See you there.