The importance of having your camera.

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I shot this just over a week ago while assisting on a Gary Hart workshop. We were taking advantage of a recent storm and shooting in the Yosemite’s Mirror Lake area. One of the members of the group was handicapped so she was able to drive up the trail while most of us walked at our own pace. After it started raining, and Gary sprained his ankle, most of the folks wanted to pack it in. Our one vehicle on the trail started driving folks back down the hill 4 at a time. There were more bodies than room in the car so I headed down on foot. It was less than a mile to the car and honestly there isn’t a much more peaceful situation than walking through a forest in a light rain at sunset. One of the group members agreed so he jumped out of the car and walked with me. The downside was that he left his camera in the back of the car. I still had mine.

About halfway down the trail we reached this clearing, looked up and saw the rainbow over Half Dome. It lasted less than 3 minutes. I frantically looked around for a clear shot and the exposure was tough. I only managed to fire off 5 frames before it was gone. This one was the best of the bunch. The whole time, the guy with me was kicking himself for putting his camera in the car.

Tomorrow I head back down to Yosemite for my last workshop of the year. The schedule is already in the works for next year. I’ll see ya there.