Last light on Half Dome

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This morning I worked on a talk that I hope to give at the NANPA Summit in February. The theme of the nights program is Discovery. My first experience with this location turned out to be a discovery that really wasn’t.

As I’ve mentioned before, we snow camp in Yosemite for New Years. Last year, 2008, my wife and I donned the snow shoes on New Year’s eve morning. We parked near Ahwahnee Meadow and made our way towards the [wikipop]Merced River[/wikipop]. We trudged along through fresh snow, the only footprints around were from an occasional dear or small furry thing. We felt like we were the only people around for miles. During our walk I took pictures of the snow, the frost in the trees and reflections in the river.

After a couple of hours we popped into a clearing and were gifted with a view much like above image. I quickly set up my gear and took a number of photographs from this newly found “secret spot.” After I’d worked the scene to my satisfaction, I turned around and noticed the snow covered picnic tables. Behind the tables was a parking lot that we could have driven to.  So much for my discovery.

The area is called Camp 6 and is just across the road from Yosemite Village. Even though it didn’t turn out to me “my spot” I still return there from time to time. While a classic view, it’s not as frequently photographed as many other locations. This image was taken last Wednesday evening, shortly after we arrived in the park.


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