Just a leaf

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know I often eschew the grand vista in favor of a more intimate view of the world. Such was the case with this image from my last Yosemite trip.

Along Southside drive in Yosemite, there is an unmarked parking area with two large trees protruding from the asphalt. Not far from Cathedral beach, it’s about the only location where you can see El Capitan from end to end. (Capturing that view requires a pretty wide lens) Since El Capitan gets its first light roughly 30 minutes after sunrise this location is a great place to head after you finish shooting sunrise.

On this particular morning I’d stopped, waited for the light and decided that breakfast was calling. The only clouds in the sky were jet trails and the light just wasn’t very interesting. On my trek back to the car I walked past this leaf. The frozen texture was what initially caught my eye but the angles of the branches is what really tied it together. With nothing but snow in the background it was a perfect setup for a [wikipop]high key[/wikipop] approach.

The exposure was very simple. With the aperture set to f/11 I dialed down my shutter speed until my meter read +3 and took the shot. Overexposing the snow caused the entire background to go white, removing any distracting elements.


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