Sometimes you just can’t help yourself

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Last week I talked about trying to find fresh images in a very heavily photographed National Park. Today’s image is the result of succumbing to the urge to “shoot the icon.” While I normally go out of my way to avoid this type of shot, sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

This is another image from last month’s workshop. We woke to a clearing storm and fresh snow in Yosemite valley. Knowing that the morning sun would quickly erase the night’s work, we rushed our group to as many icons as we could before the light got too harsh. One of those iconic shots was the Elm tree in Cook’s Meadow. A number of photographers, Ansel Adams included, have some pretty well known images of that scene.

After giving the group far too little time, to do the scene justice, we called for them to return to the cars to head to the next spot. The sound of snowing already dropping from the trees added to the sense of urgency. While folks packed up their gear I stood, next to the car, looking up at the falls. The frosty granite, the snow in the trees and the tremendous depth of the scene was just too much to resist. I grabbed my camera and fired off a couple of shots. Sometimes you just have to give in.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just can’t help yourself

  1. Lovely image, Doug! The icons can be hard to resist, or even avoid – I’ve taken shots I didn’t even realize were the iconic views at the time. They’ve become iconic for a reason, I guess…

    When I think of iconic shots, I always think of part of a military saying about rifles – “there are many like it, but this one is mine!”

    – Jack


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