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Sometimes a scene jumps out at you, sometimes you have to go looking for it. The best photographs come from things that evoke an emotional response. This tree, with it’s sprawling roots clinging to life, has been a subject of mine for over a year now. It lives near the trail below Bridal veil fall in Yosemite. There is a character to it that I’m not even able to describe but every time I walk past I have to stop and look. I’ve shot this tree from nearly every angle imaginable, and in every season.

The subconscious mind plays a tremendous role in our photography if we allow it. People take pictures because they’re drawn to a scene. The problem is finding exactly what about the scene is pulling you in. How many times do you visualize a scene and take a shot only to be disappointed by the final result? In all likelihood, what originally grabbed your attention is in your picture; it just needs to be refined. Too often budding photographers give up on a location too soon.

I’ve known, for the last year, that there was a picture in this stream-side scene. I’m not certain this is it, but it’ll hold me over until the next trip when I can continue the search. I can’t wait.


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