Flooded Meadow, Yosemite Falls

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A few months ago I finished reading Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing. While I have no intention of converting to Taoism it was a good read. An engineer by vocation and photographer by avocation, I sometimes struggle with my analytical mind. While creativity truly comes from within it’s interesting to see other approaches of connecting to that inner self. Often, a mix of the analytic and creative is required to make thoughtful images.

I made this image on the last workshop trip in Yosemite. While the group all marched out to Swinging Bridge, where they could should in relative comfort, I trudged out into the flooded meadow. (Budding nature photographers take note: waterproof boots are your friends.) Before I was close enough to compose a shot I knew that would be reflection opportunities. Once I got there it was just a matter of letting my creativity turn it into an image.

After working this scene for a bit, I tipped off a few folks in the group and let them have a crack at the spot. In retrospect, I wish that I’d tried a few more compositions before tipping my hand and losing my location. There’s always next trip.


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