Bridal Veil fall and spring snow

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Any day you have snow in Yosemite valley is a good day, especially when it happens with spring water conditions. During the last workshop we got a really nice mix of weather. Rain and snow may not make for the most comfortable shooting conditions but I’d much rather be a little uncomfortable than have  blank blue skies. Having that much water in the falls and fresh snow it the trees was a real treat.

I don’t do a lot of black and white images but the treatment really worked on this shot. Although snow was still falling, there wasn’t nearly as much as there would be with a winter storm. The result was a pretty flat scene. Converting to monochrome really brought out the snow in the trees and the image’s real story: what was happening in the sky. Rather than set the camera to black and white I prefer to shoot in color and manage the conversion myself in [wikipop]Adobe Lightroom[/wikipop], much the way that classic B&W film shooters use colored filters. The other bonus is still having the frame in color if I choose to process that at a later date.


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