Nature Photography Day – cont.

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Last week, I posted about NANPA’s Nature Photography Day. The premise is to connect, or reconnect, with the natural world that’s local to you.

Too often nature photographers associate “nature” with a location. I freely admit that I’m guilty in that regard. I do so much of my shooting in Yosemite that I often forget to look for images closer to home. Yesterday’s event was a good reminder that even if you’re stuck in the suburbs there is still nature around you. Birds, gardens and a myriad of small fuzzy creatures are sharing your neighborhood. When was the last time you stopped and paid attention?

My ‘day gig’ kept me very busy yesterday so when I got home last night, I grabbed the camera and headed out into the yard. After looking around, I settled on this image. Not only is it nature, in my own yard, it’s locally grown organic food. These golden beets made the perfect subject and a very adequate reminder that nature starts at home.

To make this image I grabbed my Canon 7D and 15mm fisheye lens. I knew that I wanted the shot to be “in the dirt” which is why I grabbed the fisheye. I love the perspective the lens gives when placed low and close to the subject. Used with the 7D I don’t get the full 180 degree field of view but that camera lets me use live view to compose via the LCD. ¬†Without the use of live view there’s no way I’d have gotten the shot in such tight quarters.

As an added bonus, the beets are delicious.


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