Morning reflection

This is another image from my archives. Summer, historically, is the busiest time of the year for my IT job. It’s also the “crowd season” in Yosemite valley. I go to Yosemite to relax and sitting in a traffic jam isn’t my idea of relaxation. What is comes down to is that I don’t spend nearly enough time photographing during the summer months.

I made this image a couple of years ago on an Eastern Sierra workshop. We were shooting the sunrise at North Lake, near Bishop, CA. As it often happens in California, we were greeted by blank blue skies. After shooting a few standard shots of the area I started looking for alternatives. It was a very still morning and the lake was like glass. I knew I wanted to shoot a reflection so I just started walking the bank until I found something to catch my eye.

These rocks, quite boring on their own, were just enough to anchor this frame and give context the the flowing lines and early morning color on the hillside. Sometimes simple is good.


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