Desert Light

Compared to other classic art mediums, photography is relatively young. The term photography first appeared in the 1830’s and is often attributed to both Charles Wheatstone and Sir John Herschel at roughly the same time.  Literally speaking it means “painting with light.” As it is with many things in life, the devil is in the details. The early masters didn’t just smear oil and pigment on canvas. The manner in which the paint is applied to the canvas is the secret.

A simple object like this scrubby bush, when composed into the foreground, is enough to take “just a pretty sky” and turn it into a complete scene. On its own it’s just a weed but within the context of the photographic frame it takes on a whole new life. The next time you’re out photographingmand get some really pretty light, go the extra mile and find something to anchor the scene. Your images will thank you.


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